We want to thank all partners that do support us. Without this great network of people at the national aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany  the great support for rocket questions SSC Science Services as well as the ESA. And of course to our University with special thanks to our chair for space systems. Here is a full list of our sponsors. If you or your company want to support our team, we are delighted if you send us an email to contact”at”rexus-moxa.de.

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Our main sponsor gives us support for many parts of our rocket module, from the outer frame to the microprocessor. In addition, they act as great hosts at Oberpraffenhofen for our teammeeting with persons responsible form DLR, SSC and ESA.






ZARM, center of applied space technology and microgravity is our new support for technical questions and manages all part orders and travelling arrangements.



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SSC supports us in rocket questions and the start of the rocket at Esrange in Sweden.




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The head of european space administration. Gives us a lot of feedback in technical as well as organisation questions



The Institue of aerospace engineering with special thanks to the chair of space systems that supports us with their sensors know how, some electronics and a lot of handy tips in payload integration.




PCE Instruments sponsored a Pirani pressure sensor. It is an very precise sensor with a measurement range of 1000 to 1,0×10-4 mbar. We will use it to me

The students MOXA Team for the REXUS 15/16 rocket project at the University of Technology Dresden launched in May 2014. Our goal was the measurement of ozone and oxygen in the lower atmosphere.