Moxa Team

 Meet the Core Team

The core team participated in all project phases (A-E) from November 2012 – June 2014.

The Rexus team (2013).
The Rexus team (2013).


Alexander Mager


Inspired by Sebastian Meckel, the previous Teamleader of the last REXUS experiment CaRu, Alexander Mager (24) started the project and fulfilled the task of a teamleader. He studies aerospace engineering at the Technical University of Dresden.

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Schultze


Alexander studied Mechatronic Engineering with the specialisation Aerospace and Aviation. He was project responsible for the Software Engineering for the Groundstation and Microcontroller, supports the Experiment and Electronics Design, as well as the electronics manufacture, testing and integration. He participated in the PDR & CDR. He supports the Website and PR and is head of the “Your Message In Space” campaign! Graduated from University of Technology (TU Dresden) in October 2014.

Dipl.-Ing. Bastian Scheidt


Bastian studied mechatronic engineering with specialization in aerospace and power electronic at the Technical University of Dresden. At Team MOXA he was responsible for electronic design, manufacturing and integration, software and the website. In addition he helps on communications and cooperation with the Chair for Space Systems. Bastian participated in the selection workshop, the PDR,the CDR, the launch campain and presented the experiment at the 22 PAC Symposium in Tromsø, Norway. Graduated from University of Technology (TU Dresden) in October 2014.

Patrick Geigengack


Patrick (23 years old) studies aerospace engineering at the Technical University of Dresden. He’s responsible for the mechanical engineering including the structure and the sensor mounting. In addiction he makes the test procedures for the mechanical and thermal tests of the hatch.

Max Oswald


Max studies aerospace engineering at the Dresden University of Technology. He supports Team MOXA in the mechanical design, is responsible for the sensor mounting, the mechanical redesign and test of the hatch. Outside of the MOXA experiment he is part of the student staff at Institute of Aerospace Engineering and is involved in the software development for the next student picosat of the university.

Nathanael Warth


Nathanael Warth is 21 years old and studies mechanical Engineering in the 4th Semester at TU Dresden. He is interested in general aerospace technologies and engineering. Nathanael supports the MOXA Team in mechanical design and together with Alexander Mager he is responsible for the testing phase.

Meet the Supporters


Susann Knapik



Susann is 22 years old and studies Chemical-Engineering at Dresden University of Technology. She is in charge of oxygen and ozone sensors.

Daniel Becker



Daniel studies mechanical engineering, especially aerospace technology, at the Technical University of Dresden. He is interested in aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and cares for the precursor experiments like method of shallow water flows and other experiments to consider the fluid dynamics around the module of MOXA.

Jonas Uhlmann



Jonas (24 years old) studies mechanical engineering. He specializes in mobile working machines and hydraulics. In 2008 starts his study at Dresden University of Technology. Today he work at IFD (Institut für Fluidtechnik Dresden) and is about to graduate.


Fabienne Kinzelmann


Fabienne  studies Philosophies and Catholic Theology. In addition to her Bachelor-Degree, she is trained as a journalist. Fabienne works for the Youth Press Germany, for Spiegel Online and the Goethe-Institut. She supports the MOXA-Team in PR work.

Sebastian Weixler


Sebastian Weixler studies aerospace engineering in the fifth semester at the Technical University of Dresden. He’s in cooperation with Nathanael Warth responsible for the vibration test procedures for the module and the Pirani sensor.


(Last update: 2015-8-29)