Your Message in Space (YMIS)


In love? Or you want to sent a message to near space?

Onboard the next REXUS rocket mission we will include a list of messages printed out, and flewn to space to a height of about 90-100 km.
Because we like cool abbreviations, we call it YMIS Project now 🙂
Your Message to Space program was a full success! We flew over 300 message onboard the Rexus 16 rocket on May 2014 up to a total height of about 100 km. That is just above the Karman-line and the messages have therefore officially deserved their Astronaut Badge! The program is now over and and no new messages can be currently send.

About YMIS?

This project is part of the Outreach Program for the Rexus Rocket project.Therefore one of the main purposes is to popularise the great funders of this project, namely the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and the Esrange Centre in Sweden. Besides the ?RexusBexus Project, they provide also other very interesting websites. For instance, did you know about the ?DLR_Next Website? There you can find the most interesting information about the current developments at DLR, as well as the big questions like Why do we do science in space at all?
The interesting question at this point is – where does space begin? With a height of 90-100 kilometres, we’re scratching the formal edge of space. You can read more about this in ?this article.

Why are you doing this / Is it really free?

Yes it is absolutely free. We do this to open your mind for the big pictures in life – maybe you find travel to space interesting too, just as we do! There are many possibilities for interested people! You can learn a lot in the process 😉

Post-Flight Message Retrieval & Sponsoring

Retrieval of messages is over 🙂 The messages were successfully retrieved and returned to the respective authors.

YMIS messages in box
YMIS messages in box
Final assembly of module, with YMIS box (on the right) already inside module